open housing gearbox for construction machinery

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W series open housing slewing drive
The W series open housing worm drive is similar to the WE series except that the former adopts an open housing. Therefore, users can observe the running state of the worm gear at any time, which facilitates maintenance.
● With an open housing, this series of worm drive is often used in the indoor areas. Compared with the enclosed series of product, this industrial slewing drive can reduce the purchase cost for the customers.
● The raceway and tooth surface have gone through heat treatment, which greatly extends the service life of the worm drive.
Performance Parameters
Our W Series Vertically Mounted slewing drive deliver performance parameters range from 10.8KN.m to 34.2KN.m of outer torque, 67.8KNm to 310 KN.m of overturning moment, 48KN.m to 158.3KN.m of holding torque, and gear ratios of 86:1 up to 104:1
This series of open housing worm drive is extensively used in the machinery field.
1. Rotation in the chassis of aerial vehicle
2. Rotation of the boom of truck mounted crane
W25open housing gearbox for construction machinery
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