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Product name:Electric wiring harness For HITACHI ZAX200-1 4449447
Product parameters :
Place of OriginGuangzhou, China(Mainland)
Typewire harness
Model NumberZAX200-1
Part Number4449447
Our advantage.:
Original quality best price;using the originak plug and terminal resistance the high temperature resistance the low temperature and resistance the corrosion
This set wire harness is installed for hydraulic pump outside connectors.
Shipping Terms:
1 - We Will Send The Goods Within 1-3 Business Days After Payment We Received , Then 1-9 Business Days For Express Delivery Time
(1)How can I trace my order
Once we delivery, we will send you the express account. If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime you want.
(2)Is the price of product adjustable?
Sure. The price of our products are adjustable to the quantity you want. If you order more than 5 pcs, we will give you a discount.
(3)How to order?
1.Please kindly tell us the model, color and quantity which you want.
2.We will send the PI to you at once when we get your order.
3.Please check and confirm the PI.
4.Once we confirmed the order, please pay it ASAP.
5.After the payment, all goods will send to you in 1-3 business days as usual.
How To Order With Us :
Make inquiry to us directly or contact us through  whatsapp / Email / Skype / Wechat.Electrical Wiring Harness manufacturers
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