Customized Gift Box With Lid

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Zhejiang Zhimei Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd. is an outstanding factory in producing paper bag, cardboard gift box, notebook, magazine etc. in China.
On the strength of professional equipment, dedicated staff team, completed producing process and standard, Zhimei committed to high-end printing and packaging products development, design, manufacture and service. To provide the whole solution for its customers.
Zhimei strictly follows the industry standards and provides every client not only high quality products but also excellent service. Through its development, Zhimei practices the concept of innovation and sustainability, with that, we have grown rapidly. It has built strategic partnership with many other well-known domestic and international companies.
15,000 square meters is our guarantee of timely delivery to our customers.


Our team
Through 20 years’ sustaining development Zhimei has already set up a well-done platform and founded a steady enterprise base. Zhimei hope to be your best printing and packaging partner!
Customized Gift Box With Lid
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