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Environmental And Economical Floor Mask For Ceramic Tiles And Mables Floor Protection Film For Ceramic Tiles And Marbles
Information about this product:
Based Film: Low Density Polyethylene(LDPE, density 0.940G/CM3)
Color of film: Clear or blue.
Thickness: Standard 2.0 mil and 3.0 mil
Adhesive Type: Formulated Acrylic with water based or solvent series.
Adhesion Level: 50-300g/25mm, can make as requested
Size of film roll: 24”*200’, 24”*500’, 36”*200’, 36”*500’, 24”*600’, 36”*600’, etc
Temperature: (Ideal) 15-40°C
Humidity: (Ideal) 50%
Tensile Strength: Longitudinally>8N/25mm   Horizontal>14N/25mm
Elongation: Longitudinally>320%  Horizontal>160%
Material Use: Ceramic Tile Marble Surface Protection
Package: Carton and pallet
Price quoted based on below information:
1. Color: transparent or blue or black and white?
2. Thickness of the film?
3. Adhesion of the film? or let me know what kind of surface need our film to protect?
4. Length by width of each roll?
5. Do you need any printings on the film? one color or two color?
6. How about your package requirement?
7. Any other special requirement?
Please send me your product details with above information, then I would offer you the best price Floor Protection Film
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